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Hotels recommended

- Malika Prime ★★★ 55 $
- Malika Classic ★★★ 55 $
- Samarkand Plaza ★★★★ 80 $
- Shaxzoda Lux ★★★ 40 $
- Konstantin ★★★ 60 $
- Orient Star ★★★ 51 $
- Royal Palace ★★★ 50 $
- Samarkand Dream ★★★ 45 $
- Furkat ★★ 30 $
- caravan Seraile Chorrakha ★★★ 43 $
- Zarina ★★ 40 $
- Latif ★★ 40 $
- Antica ★★ 50 $
- Emir ★★ 25 $
- Jahongir Samarkand ★★ 27 $
- Kamila ★★ 30 $
- Jahon Palace ★★★★ 55 $
- Grand Samarkand ★★★★ 40 $
- Ideal ★★ 40 $
- Bibikhanum ★★ 50 $
- Astor ★★★ 50 $
- Zilol-Baxt Hotel ★★★ 50 $
- International ★★★★★ 200 $
- Grand Mir Hotel ★★★★★ 130 $
- City Palace ★★★★ 90 $
- Uzbekistan ★★★★ 55 $
- Dedeman ★★★★ 140 $
- Grand Bek ★★★★ 80 $
- Le Grande Plaza ★★★★ 62 $
- Radisson SAS ★★★★★ 200 $
- Ramada ★★★★ 90 $
- Shodlik Palace ★★★★ 42 $
- Oazis Asaka ★★★ 45 $
- Grand Tashkent ★★★ 23 $
- Grand Orzu ★★★ 40 $
- Malika ★★★ 40 $
- Rovshan ★★★ 40 $
- Orzu ★★ 45 $
- Jahongir Tashkent ★★ 35 $
- LOTTE City ★★★★ 150 $
- Miran International ★★★★★ 130 $
- Grand Atlas ★★★★ 60 $
- Topchan Hostel B&B 15 $
- Sofiya ★★★ 50 $
- Samir ★★★ 45 $
- Amelia ★★★ 35 $
- Old City ★★★ 30 $
- Minzifa Inn ★★ 55 $
- Lyabi House ★★★ 55 $
- K.Komil B&B 55 $
- Salom Inn B&B 40 $
- Mekhtar Ambar B&B 25 $
- Amulet B&B 35 $
- Nodirbek ★★ 30 $
- Olmos B&B 35 $
- Malikjon B&B 25 $
- Nazira&Azizbek B&B 30 $
- Otkirbek GUEST HOUSE 25 $
- Nasriddin Navruz B&B 25 $
- Suhrob Barzu B&B 35 $
- Hovli Poyon ★★★
- Kavsar B&B 40 $
- Orient Star Khiva ★★★ 55 $
- Arkonchi ★★ 40 $
- Malika Khorezm ★★★ 45 $
- Malika Heivak ★★★ 50 $
- Malika Khiva ★★ 50 $
- Islambek B&B 30 $
- Sobir-Arkonchi ★★ 40 $
- Nebesa Country 59 $
- Cottages in Chimgan Country 65 $
- Resort Chorvoq Oromgohi Country 45 $
- Layner Country 50 $
- Beldersay Hotel - Resort Country 90 $
- Sky Village Resort Country 47 $

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Malika Prime (★★★)
Hotel "Malika Prime" is located on the frontier between old and the new part of Samarkand. The hotel building and interior of the hotel also combine the best of national uzbek colorit and european morern hotel stile. Hotel is situated in 100 meters from Amir Temur (Tamerlan) mausoleum and in 50 meters from Registan square (10 km from railway station and airport). Malika Prime
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Malika Classic (★★★)
Inspired by the splendor of our historic monuments, the master craftsmen of Samarkand have excelled in capturing the spirit of olden days, applying traditional techniques to a modern architectural structure. It is our wish to offer those master craftsmen an opportunity to give a demonstration of their unique skills to our guests from all over the world. We are at the same time determined to apply a high level of international standards for your comfort and offer quality accommodation combined with an en expression of Uzbek cultural experience. Malika Classic
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Samarkand Plaza (★★★★)
Hotel Samarkand Plaza is more than just a Place to Stay in Samarkand. A Unique Combination for Business & Pleasure. Conventionally located between City Center, and the main Historical Places.10-15 minutes drive separates the Hotel from Samarkand Airport and the Central Railway Stations. Samarkand Plaza
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Shaxzoda Lux (★★★)
The three-star hotel "Shaxzoda Lux" is one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels in Samarkand, which combined high quality of services and with Eastern hospitality. The hotels architecture "Shaxzoda Lux" combines European and ancient Asian styles that dip you in the boundless delight of hotels view.MAP Shaxzoda Lux Hotel in Samarkand. For the convenience of our guests, the hotel is located in the new part of town in a picturesque part of Samarkand. It is a stones throw from Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Alisher Navoi. Just out of the hotel for a few minutes, you can get into the older part of town, where you can see the main sights and ancient monuments of Samarkand. And the distance from the airport and railway station to the hotel is the same - 10 km, which is convenient for tourists arriving from the railway station and airport. Shaxzoda Lux
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Konstantin (★★★)
Hotel Konstantin is ideally located in the modern part of the city and welcomes its guests with the comfort of 40 luxurious rooms, all beautifully furnished and providing satellite TV, internal and IDD phone, mini-bars, air conditioning and well-equipped bathrooms. Specially offered for our VIP are our two luxurious bedrooms, adorned in Italian style. Konstantin
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Orient Star (★★★)
The Hotel "Orient Star" had been started up in April 2001. It has very good location. Really, location of some inns inside of residential areas, perhaps, can provoke some poetical feelings. But as a matter of fact this more often cause problems. The Hotel "Orient Star" can easily be found because it is situated at one of main streets. At the same time only the distance of 10 minutes walk serve as the boundary between hotel place and the historical center of the city. In addition, the Hotel provides customers with all attractions, which are commonly essential to private inns. Orient Star
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Royal Palace (★★★)
The hotel “Royal Palace” is the sample of the national Uzbek architectural culture. The huge exotic iron gates open the way to the inner brick yard with green lawn a colorful tapestry of the Registan Square on the left wall and marble staircase leading to the reception hall decorated in oriental style. Royal Palace
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Samarkand Dream (★★★)
SAMARKAND DREAM HOTEL is also designed for business people. It features a business center, where you can use the Internet, fax and secretarial services the entire spectrum. Conference hall opens the door for negotiations, business meetings and other business events.Design, interior design and equipment of the hotel meets the highest international standards of hospitality. In Hotel entwined qualitative European service and unforgettable oriental hospitality. Samarkand Dream
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Furkat (★★)
Though several new private inns in Samarkand recently was built for many "Furkat" is still favorite hotel. That is not the point of mere conservatism in the finest sense of the word. For many reasons "Furkat" attracts people. One of the reasons is location. The hotel now consists of two buildings (two $ three-storied) of fanciful shape. The windows of the top-floor rooms provide a panoramic view of historically valuable area of Samarkand. Inasmuch as "Furkat" is favorably situated as regards of most interesting sights, the customers can easily reach them afoot. Furkat
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caravan Seraile Chorrakha (★★★)
Hotel Caravan Seraile Chorrakha located in the historic part of town, near the mosque «Hodge Zudmurod» (15th century). Historic monuments of the city near the hotel, just 8 minutes walk from Registan Square, 5 minutes walk from the mosque Bibi Khanum, and 10 minutes walk to the Shahi Zinda necropolis. caravan Seraile Chorrakha
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Zarina (★★)
Private hotel "Zarina" is located close at hand to Registan Square, which is most prominent architectural monument of Samarkand. Itis commonly known that an appearance of large construction, as Registan ensemble is, varies with weather and time of day/night. Thus with "Zarina" you would be able to observe Registan in all variety of its beauty in most easier way. In addition, other well-known monuments as Gur-Emir, Aksaray, Rukhobod are situated in the neighborhood. Zarina
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Latif (★★)
We represent you the new hotel "LATIF" situated in one of picturesque places of the ancient city Samarkand. Our employees will use the best efforts that you will feel comfortable and elegant. And your stay in our hotel would be unforgettable.The hotel "LATIF" is created for your comfort and has 7 double rooms on 14 places, a pool, free-of-charge Internet WI-FI, Restaurant for 70 places, and also you can watch preparation of a national dish "Plov". Latif
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Antica (★★)
There is no inn in Samarkand, which is more nigh to Gur-Emir. It has 10 rooms: 7 double bedrooms with two single beds; 3 rooms with three single beds / shower / air conditioning / telephone in 50% rooms / local TV. Other facilities: Telephone, Fax and Internet at the reception, Restaurant, Laundry. Antica
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Emir (★★)
The hotel is located in the historical part of Samarkand, in the old mahallya - traditional name for a residential community in Uzbekistan. It is only 15 meters from the famous Gur Emir Mausoleum, 200m to Ruhabad Complex, 50 meters to Ok Saroy Emir's library, 10 minutes walk to the Registan Square, the key place of Samarkand, and 20 minutes to Bibi Khanum Mosque and the newly renovated Siyob Bazaar. Emir
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Jahongir Samarkand (★★)
Jahongir B&B is a privately owned Guesthouse with a history dating back to the end of 19th century. The building is located in the middle of the yard dividing the yard to the outer and inner parts. The owner - rich merchant needed a separate space to arrange his business so the outer yard served to that purpose. At the same time his family would not be disturbed by locating in the inner part of yard. Jahongir Samarkand
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Kamila (★★)
The hotel place located in very traditional residential area, on old street arranged in Uzbek genuine spirit. Made recently but brought into line with concept of local style of life, the hotel became a harmonious constituent of traditional area. When you come from Tashkent, most easily to reach "Kamila". Combination of conveniences, relatively low prices and fascination of oriental abode attract attention of many guests. Kamila
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Jahon Palace (★★★★)
The hotel Jahon Palace is one of the newest hotels in Samarkand, which was built in the classic style. Conveniently situated in the heart of Samarkand, the hotel is just 15 minutes from airport and railway station and provides an affordable and wonderful service. The Jahon Palace Hotel also offers free Wi-Fi. We set high standards and provide real value for money at affordable prices. Jahon Palace
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Grand Samarkand (★★★★)
We invite You to our hotel “Grand-Samarkand” which is situated in the heart of business and shopping center of Samarkand city. The hotel was built according to all world standards and mixed modern and national styles in its decoration. Our hotel has everything for your comfort and rest. Grand Samarkand
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Ideal (★★)
This hotel enjoys a quiet location in Samarqand, a 5-minute walk from University Boulevard and 10 minutes from the historic Registan Square. Ideal Hotel offers free Wi-Fi and elegant interiors. The air-conditioned rooms at the All rooms include a flat-screen TV, refrigerator and a terrace. Breakfast is provided each morning. Ideal
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Bibikhanum (★★)
The hotel BIBIKHANUM calm and quiet invite you to enjoy the terrace above the restaurant to enjoy the sights of the old town and especially the dome of the Mosque BIBIKHANUM. The hotel has 18 rooms ( twin 6, 8 double, 4 triple) a restaurant, a leafy courtyard. These rooms offer every comfort: air conditioning, private bathroom. The hotel has WI FI internet and allows you to buy: stamps, postcards... Bibikhanum
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Astor (★★★)
"Astor Hotel" - is a three-star hotel, located in the central part of the historic Samarkand. Elegant atmosphere, as well as unparalleled service - all that is the best characterized the hotel itself, as well as its distinctive features. Astor
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Zilol-Baxt Hotel (★★★)
It is very pleasant to introduce you newly built Hotel “Zilol Baht” in Samarkand. Hotel conveniently located in the centre of the city Samarkand near ancient monument of the city such as Gur-Emir mausoleum, Registan architectural complex, amongst rows of department stores, restaurants and about 10 minutes drive from the International airport. Zilol-Baxt Hotel
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